Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What's in my bag? and make-up bag FOTD

Hey loves!

I hope you've all had a fab Tuesday :-)

I've read quite a lot of these 'what's in my bag?' posts recently - notably Laura and Estee's - so I thought I would reveal the contents of mine, too! 
The bag itself is from the last season at Next - it's now O/S. It's got loads of room to fit ALL my stuff in it, and it's one of those bags that can be worn on your shoulder or the crease of your elbow. Result!

In terms of what's included - take a peek below. I'm a bit OCD about carrying my life around with me lol!
From L-R (clockwise):

Filofax - I was given this for my birthday last year, and it's something I keep in my bag WITHOUT FAIL! I've always been a diary person and I was so happy when I got to upgrade to a Filofax. It's an essential part of my bag kit!

Sunglasses + case (just seen) - I always keep a pair of faux Ray Bans in my bag for when the sun decides to pop its head out :) I also keep an umbrella sometimes - you never know with the British weather, eh!

Make-up and beauty bag - I will go into this in more depth below, but I carry quite a lot of make-up and beauty stuff around with me as I tend to do my make-up on the train! I know, naughty. I also bring a lot around with me as I'm out of the house all day and I like to have everything to hand. Makeup bag from carboot but originally from Boots.

Tea bags (in tan purse) - I initially popped this in here as I have a mild lactose allergy and  so I included some Lactofree sachets. Since then, I've added some coffee sachets (decaf and regular) as well as some herbal tea bags. You never know when they might come in useful! Tan purse from H&M.

iPhone + headphones - Absolutely essential part of my bag kit - I use this from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. I especially like listening to the Tunein Radio app on the train, although it does drain my 3G! :-(

Wireless internet - I can't believe I still have this in here to be honest. I used it when I stayed at a relatives and I guess I'm worried that I will go somewhere that doesn't have WiFi! Lol. 

Keys - Nuff said! That's supposed to be a lion on the keyring up there - and there's a Cath Kitson floral key fob, too. 

Purse - Another one of those items that I freak out about if it's not to hand! I include all my cards, cash, receipts and vouchers in here. It's from Primark :-)

Sugar free mints - To keep those hunger pangs at bay and that breath minty...! Purchased in my health foods haul.

Notepad - I write a ridiculous amount of lists. Literally, every element of my life is decided by a list lol. In fact this post was on a list! This notepad is fab for writing lists :-)

What's in my make-up and beauty bag?
This is a lovely, roomy make-up/wash bag that's easily washable with a cloth.
As you can see, it's very spacious and has a zip plus two separate compartments. Lovely!
As I mentioned, I tend to do my make-up on the train so I bring quite a lot of make-up with me when I'm on the go... and yes, that all fits in that make-up bag!

Top row: ELF Mirror, ELF Make up Mist and Set

Middle row: Avon MagiX Illuminator, Avon Eyeshadow Quad in Mocha Latte, No7 Eyeliners in Brown and Black, ELF Studio Complexion Brush, ELF Blush Brush, ELF Eyeshadow Brush, MUA Lipstick, Avon Care Sheer Lip Gloss

Bottom row: No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara in Brown/Black, Avon Ideal Shade Cream to Powder Foundation in Sand, ELF Bronzing/Blush Duo, Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner, 17 Photo Flawless Primer

Mainly ELF, Avon and No7 stuff! Not to be rude - but stuff I wouldn't cry over if I lost! (as they're cheaper, not because they aren't good products - because they are, I wear them every day!)

Top row: Tissues

Middle row: Dove roll-on deo, Elizabeth Arden Tinted 8 Hour Lip Protectant, Perfume (Miss Dior Cherie and Kim Kardashian)

Bottom row: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand Treatment, Carmex Aloe Vera Hand Gel

I love these little perfume holders - how cute are they? The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour range is another essneital for me, too :-) 

FOTD using the products in my make-up bag:
So this is pretty much how I look every day, as I tend to do my make-up on the train and this is all I've got with me! I like to refresh my face with the ELF Makeup Mist and Set throughout the day, as well :-)

What do you carry around in your bag? 

Let me know!





  1. Great post! i love what's in my bag videos and blogposts... I do not know why it is so intriguing lol

  2. Your purse is so pretty! And it's primark! I know where I'm heading on Saturday....


  3. @Zara Me too - I don't know why! I just LOVE being nosy lol!

    @Eloise Aww thanks hun, yeah I always get my purses from Primarni :-D