Sunday, 19 August 2012

My four favourite: Creamy coral nail varnishes - Revlon, M&S, Nails Inc and Barry M

Hey loves!
HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you're all looking forward to the weekend :-)
Some of you may remember that recently I told myself to stop buying nail varnishes! I have more than 100 so I must have one of every colour lol. So I blogged about my four favourite creamy orange nail varnishes and today I'll be blogging about my four favourite creamy corals!
From L-R: Revlon - One Perfect Coral, M&S - Flame, Nails Inc (The Beauty Collection) - Copacabana, Barry M - Coral

Nail swatches:

(top without flash, bottom with flash - although they look the same!)
  • Revlon - One Perfect Coral (RRP £6.49) This is my first favourite creamy coral by drugstore fave, Revlon. I've used Revlon for a couple of years now and I've always been really impressed with the quality. This shade in particular looks more orange next to the others.
  • M&S - Flame (RRP £3.50) I picked up this nail colour YEARS ago from my local uni M&S branch in Bournemouth. I have to say, I wasn't expecting much from this as, well, M&S aren't exactly renowned for their beauty, are they? But I was actually really impressed! It's lasted years in the bottle and the colour stays on my nails for a couple of days before chipping. Not bad for the price, but it's definitely more red than the others here.
  • Nails Inc (The Beauty Collection) - Copacabana (Free with Dove but would normally retail at £11.00) I went through a phase of always getting the free Nails Inc nail polishes and this is no exception. It came free with two Dove deodorants either last year or the year before. Obviously, being Nails Inc, it's amazing quality and lasts ages without chipping. It looks slightly pinker than the other corals here, but I'd definitely repurchase.
  • Barry M - Coral (RRP £2.99) I have quite a few Barry M nail paints in my collection but sadly I've had this one for a couple of years and it's gone all gloopy and unusable. It's a lovely, light coral shade which I would recommend - just don't expect it to last forever.
So there we have it - my four favourite creamy corals! Next up is my four favourite creamy reds so keep your eyes peeled for that :-)

What's your favourite coral nail polish?





  1. i love coral, but interestingly i don't have a nail polish in that shade. :/ i really love these though, especially the barry m one! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  2. Barry M is FAB for nail polishes! xxx