Thursday, 28 February 2013

MAC haul: Fix+, Select Cover Up Concealer, Eye Brows in Lingering

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So like the rest of the female population, I am indeed a MAC fiend! My obsession only started within the past year, but I've since moved near to a branch and I'm clearly obsessed.
I work right next to the MAC in Neal Street, Covent Garden and I am forever popping in to look at the new collections or generally to have a little nosey around.

I feel sorry for whoever I take my lunch break with because they're usually dragged into MAC with me against their will!

I usually try and behave and not buy what I don't need but often my spontaneous head takes over and... well, here we are!
I re-purchased a full-size MAC Fix+ and Lingering eye pencil and bought the Select Cover Up concealer for the first time. Here's what I thought...

I've re-purchased Fix+ two or three times now - I'm definitely a convert! I know this is hit and miss kind of product with a lot of people, with some people saying they don't see the benefits, but I certainly do.

It is essentially a glorified water spray but my God is it worth it! You just need to read the ingredients list to see how good it is for your skin - green tea, chamomile, cucumber to name a few.

It's just such an essential part of my make-up regime now - I use it a couple of times a day without fail.

The first thing I use this for is to prime my skin and help my make-up 'stick' to my face. Then, once I've applied my foundation, I buff it in with a stippling brush spritzed with a little of this. I then spray it on my face after I've applied all my make-up to give it a fresh, dewy finish.

I also spray it onto a spoolie brush (old mascara wand) and brush it through my brows to set them in place. I continue to spray my face with this throughout the day when it's in need of a 'pick me up'!

I would definitely recommend this! You could always buy the travel version first and see how you get on, and if you decide you don't like it you've still got a mini spray bottle to keep! Ha.

This was another re-purchase and something I use pretty much every day without fail.

I went through a phase of having really dark, defined brows but I realised they were probably scaring people off so I ditched them in favour of a more natural look.

This is almost exactly the same colour as my brows! It's a self-sharpening style meaning you just twist it up to get the pencil and you don't have to carry a sharpener around.

It takes me about 30 seconds to fill in my brows using this. I literally just colour them in, it's so easy - and it looks so natural.

The only issue I have with this is - because the nib of the pencil is so thin - it ALWAYS snaps off! It's so frustrating, because it's quite expensive and I normally wouldn't mind but when it snaps off it wastes so much product.

I'm on the hunt for a decent dupe for this but I haven't found anything so far. The closest I've found is a brow product only available in the States - Maybelline Define a Brow! Grr. Let me know if you have the same problem :-(

This was the first time I bought this after a friend recommended it. I have to admit, I'm not overly impressed with this product!

I was colour matched as NW20 in this - which I'm sure is right - but it just doesn't conceal enough. Under my eyes, I still have dark circles and my blemishes aren't covered that well either.

I have quite high expectations of concealers because I have problem skin - don't get me started! - so it has to conceal REALLY well or I'm not interested.

So far, the best concealers I've found for hiding blemishes are Benefit Boi-ing and MAC Studio Finish. The reason I say both is because Benefit is slightly too dark for me naturally so I use it on nights out when I've got a bit of fake tan! I need to try it in the lighter shade too though really.

For concealing dark circles under your eyes, I've found the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat to be the best so far.

That's it for today's MAC haul but I'm sure there will be more coming your way soon!

What are your favourite MAC products? Let me know over on Twitter now.



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