Saturday, 15 April 2017

Bargain Beauty Alert: Benefit Girlesque Gift Set!

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Recently I picked up a MASSIVE beauty bargain that I had to share with you - anyone that knows me will know that I'm obsessed with money-saving; I don't buy anything without a promo code, go out for dinner without a discount code or buy anything without shopping around to find if I can find it cheaper elsewhere. Money-saving is legit one of my true passions so this money-saving bargain was too good to miss...

I was on the hunt for a new Benefit Hoola bronzer because mine had run out. I tend to buy drugstore everything these days (make-up/skincare) but I said to myself that if I could find Hoola on the cheap, I'd invest. The problem is, there are so many fakes flying around on Depop/eBay that it's almost not worth looking for a bargain online because you're likely to be buying a counterfeit which is a total waste of money and time full stop.

Then I came across THIS amazing Benefit Girlesque gift set on ASOS - 

This is what it contained:

Benetint Medium | 4.0 mL

Hoola Bronzer | 8.0 g (RRP £24.50)

The POREfessional | 22.0 mL (RRP £26.00)

They’re Real! Mascara | 8.5 g (RRP £20.50)

The RRP of the Girlesque gift set was £44.50, but it was on offer in the ASOS sale for £29.66. 

ALL of the products included are full-size except for the mini Benetint and I've listed the RRP of the individual products above, so the total value of the products in the gift set (excluding the metal container) is £71.00. 


Especially considering I was only looking for the bronzer which is worth nearly £25.00 on its own - I basically got the other beauty products included in the gift set for free. Now THAT, people, is a bargain. In fact I already own Porefessional so I've listed it on Depop already and made a profit :)

Have you picked up any amazing beauty bargains recently?

Let me know in the comments!


Sophia xo

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